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Herunterladen Zombidle 1.0.261 APK Kostenlos


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Zombidle 1.0.261. APK benötigt für den Download, dass Ihr Gerät ein Minimum hat Android Systemversion 2.3.
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sie mit der Download-Funktion stören können!

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Wenn Sie nur APK-Datei haben - tun Sie einfach Schritt 3.
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  • Entpacke es auf deine Festplatte. Jetzt solltest du APK- und OBB-Dateien haben.
  • Kopieren und installieren Sie die APK-Datei auf Ihrem Android-Gerät.
  • Kopieren Sie dann die ODB-Datei mit dem Namen com.gameXXXXXXXX.obb" an den gewünschten Speicherort:
Hinweis: Schließen Sie Ihr Android-Gerät über USB-Kabel an den USB-Anschluss des Computers an, um .apk- und .obb-Dateien zu übertragen.

Neue Funktionen:
Bug fixes and leaderboards! - Leaderboards have been added to your SelfPhone, trade your code with up to 4 friends or other players to see how you stack up against them! - New Death Medals, all the way up to 2.5Q! - New Store layout! - Tons of bug fixes

5 stars: I played it on newgrounds for three years now and it's always been a good time waster can't wait to see what else happens in the game
5 stars: Nice game to pass time on
4 stars: Pretty cool game.
5 stars: Good grinder at work
5 stars: Nice game
5 stars: Well made
5 stars: Good game. Not reccomend for hard core idle gamers, as offline counters vary pretty wildly. For us amateurs it's no big thing, had to graph a weeks play to confirm inconsistency.
4 stars: Unique and very interesting. At about difficulty (stage) 120, the progression still hasn't come to a crawl. Great so far. Premium currency isn't stupidly scarce, either.
5 stars: Fun idle game with some interesting features. Berzerk has always released great games though so not much of a suprise. Micro transactions aren't necessary however always a plus to assist the developers.
5 stars: Nothing like destroying the homes of nice people and strange wizards to make you feel complete inside. Good way to pass the time. Highly enjoyable.
4 stars: Doing well so far. Just about to hit the real grind so ill come back to you 🤣
4 stars: Great app but my save disappeared and I was hoping you could fix it, I had it as online save but now it doesn't work and my save is gone.
3 stars: Would have given it more stars, but every time I watch an ad to double my skulls, it freezes
5 stars: Very addictive incremental game with a humorous appeal. Plus the berzerk team is awesome