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The official Facebook app allows you to access your Facebook account quickly and easily from your Apple iPhone or iPad. Facebook Facebook features
The app provides a simple way to add status updates , upload photos , send messages , chat with Facebook Chat , check into places , and much more.
The hub of the Facebook app is the news feed , which offers a timeline of recent posts from friends, with shortcut buttons to post an update, put up a picture, or check in based on your current location. There are also shortcut buttons for friend requests, messages, and notifications.
To access even more Facebook features click the More button to quickly view and select things like your friends list, groups, events, apps, and games.
Facebook for iOS also makes it easy to quickly upload photos taken on your iPhone or iPad camera to your Facebook account. Browsing photo galleries using the application is also very easy, and you can simply swipe through albums with your finger. Some issues
Unfortunately, there are some things about the Facebook app that still need improvement. For instance, the chat option is very clunky and confusing . You can open a chat window and text people, but then these also show up in your message inbox, which for Facebook apk download gets quite annoying.
Chatting on the iPad-optimized version is much more comfortable than on the iPhone, because chats appear in a sidebar on the left of the screen, allowing you to continue viewing the rest of Facebook at the same time.
Photo galleries look particularly neat on the iPad, where the large screen format is used to give real focus to images. However when uploading photos , there are no basic image editing options when you upload photos, such as crop, rotate or resize. A must-have app
Overall, the Facebook app is a more enjoyable experience than using the Facebook mobile site on your iPhone or iPad. Changes
The latest update to the Facebook app brings with it the power to control what you see on your news feed . Within the new news feed settings menu you can view the people, pages. and groups that you've seen the most activity from in your news feed. If these people are starting to get on your nerves you can simply unfollow them so their posts won't show up in your feed. Don't worry, it's easy to see who you've already unfollowed and start re-following them again. Another new option within the news feed is the ability to tap on the down arrow in a post to remove a post from your timeline or directly unfollow a person.
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