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When it comes to programming , Microsoft Visual Studio has always been one of the top choices for IDEs or integrated development environment . With its 2019 edition, Microsoft Visual Studio offers brand new and efficient features that will certainly boost users’ productivity by making coding simpler, faster, and easier. Thanks to its new tools, Visual Studio has made the coding process much more streamlined from the first lines of code all the way to deployment.
Early Development Features
Writing code is the hard part of creating any software, but Microsoft Visual Studio has integrated IntelliSense and CodeLens to make coding and analysis a breeze for programmers.
IntelliSense is a code-completion tool to help users understand and write code better. IntelliSense itself comes with its own set of features including List Members, Parameter Info, Quick Info, and Complete Word. These features provide users with vital information that can be accessed easily as you code as well as auto-complete functions to make coding faster. Of course, for programmers who don’t appreciate IntelliSense, it can be turned off in the quite easily.
CodeLens comes with the Community Version of Microsoft Studio, but it is an amazing tool that helps users quickly analyze their code. With CodeLens, users will be able to find changes, view authors, information, commit history, and more. This allows programmers to immediately find and correct faulty code in an instant. Advertisement sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); }); Community and Collaboration
Collaboration is an integral part of any software development process, and Microsoft Visual Studio has integrated new features that make it easier to share and collaborate with others.
Live Share is probably the most important of these new features, especially for professionals working together with an exclusive team on a certain project. It allows users to share editor sessions , allowing them to navigate and edit the user’s code remotely from their own computers.
For users working with a larger, less-contained community, Visual Studio also provides easy access and seamless interaction with online repositories such as GitHub, Azure DevOps, and more. With Visual Studio, users will be able to clone codes from online repositories as well create their own. Users can also add accounts from different repositories so that they can switch between different accounts quickly without having to leave Visual Studio.
For Faster and Easier Coding
Using Visual Studio, users can code confidently thanks to its multitude of features that speeds up the coding process. Errors can be found and amended easily, and code can be shared with people quickly. Professionals will appreciate it thanks to its powerful collaboration tools while students can learn and create code quickly thanks to IntelliSense and CodeLens. For anyone who does a lot of coding, Visual Studio is very recommended.

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